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"Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration." Lou Erickson.

Besides water, the key ingredients behind stunning gardens are knowledge and patience. Since every garden is unique we offer a wide variety of articles and features to help answer your questions. Gardeners Help is just bursting with gardening tips and information to ensure your garden remains in perfect shape.

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Like Fall Flowers - A Tip To Care For Your Winter Garden Pond
Just like caring for your fall flowers it is just as important to beware of what the needs are of your garden pond. Most garden ponds are built to give additional beauty to the area. Yes, these are becoming...
2 Ways to Safely Transplant Rose Bushes of Any Age
You will occasionally want to move a rose bush from one
location to another, but fear shocking the bush too much and
having it die. However, here are two effective ways to
minimize the shock to the bush...
Choose The Hybrid Tea Rose For A Touch Of Classic Elegance
The Hybrid Tea Rose is a modern rose, the offspring of 2 old timers getting together: the Hybrid Perpetual and the Tea Rose. These magnificent modern flowers grow on long stems and bloom throughout the...
Summer Gardening Tips
Dont be afraid to trim those flowering shrubs and trees that need it. Failure to prune is probably the biggest gardening mistake a person can make. I spent 20 years landscaping homes and businesses, and...
16 Lawn Mower Safety Tips
1. Always read the instruction manual before operating your lawnmower. I know it sounds boring but there is a very good reason you are supposed to read it (didnt you ever wonder why you were never able...
The Tools of Rose Gardening
Like any job you tackle, its always easier if you have the right tools. Before heading out to your rose garden, make sure you arm yourself with these basic rose gardening tools.Gloves"You can complain...
Easy Steps to Composting
It is becoming more and more obvious these days that we need to recycle as much as we can, and anyone with a garden has a head start and can make a great contribution. To many novice gardeners, including...
How To Plan A Garden Right
Gardening is a hobby that brings joy, entertainment, and a better quality of life. It is a creative activity, the result of which is a more aesthetically appealing home. Thoughtful planning of a garden...

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