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Welcome to the Potting Shed. This is our interaction zone where we get our hands dirty and post the latest topical gardening news and happenings, which you are welcome to leave comment on.

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Essential job checklist for April

Apr.05: April is now upon us and now it the perfect time to get active in your cherished outdoor space and prepare for growth and summer. Here is your essential job checklist of tips and advice for activities in the garden this month.

Tip of the week:
For a weed free lawn, spring and early summe...

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Spring is around the corner - How is your Garden?

Feb.25 Spring is in my opinion the most wonderful time of year for the gardener. You can shake of that winter weariness and get ready for a new gardening season.

The most difficult part of spring gardening is trying to manage your impatience. Don't start digging around too early. The soil must be dry enough to have it...

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A few facts and figures about gardening

Feb.07: Every time I run across something I find interesting (here's hoping you do, too) about the gardening world, I store them for future use.

Who knows, maybe one day I will use them at the end of one of my columns. So I thought I would make a whole column this time out of nothing but these bits.

Did ...

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Weller almost quit music for gardening!

British rocker Paul Weller was so serious about quitting his music career to become a gardener he designed a psychedelic logo for a van to hold his equipment.

The Wild Wood singer was to be joined in his agricultural venture by Primal Scream guitarist Andrew Innes, who had an ulterior motive for taking up the trade.


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The elusive mushrooms command a high price

Say the word truffle, and most will think of the delicious chocolate confection, decadent rounds, often dusted with cocoa powder, and calories galore.

But think again. Think of something much less attractive. In fact, think of downright ugly. White truffle mushrooms, of the fungus variety, are warty and gnarly and not much to look at. ...

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