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Essential job checklist for April

Apr.05: April is now upon us and now it the perfect time to get active in your cherished outdoor space and prepare for growth and summer. Here is your essential job checklist of tips and advice for activities in the garden this month.

Tip of the week:
For a weed free lawn, spring and early summer is the best time to apply weed killer. Pick a day when the soil is moist and there's no rain and use a watering can to apply the weed killer. Cut out individual weeds like dandelions with a knife

Essential Job Checklist:

  • 'Deadhead' (remove all faded flowers) from your daffodils, pansies and violas. Let your daffodils die back naturally so they put energy back into the bulbs. Next year your daffodils will produce a better display

  • Cut last year's rose stems back by about half and don't forget to feed them once the job is done

  • Give your lawn the pick me up it needs to ensure a smooth green carpet. Choose the appropriate product and use according to the instructions. Be careful not to use if the grass is wet or you could end up with scorched grass

  • Prune and trim forsythia, spiraea, buddleia, dogwoods, hardy fuchsias, cotoneasters, potentilla, mahonia, japonica, jasminum

  • Snowdrops can be divided and re-planted ready for next springs display

  • Continue to sow summer bedding in the greenhouse. Last month's sowings should be ready to prick out now. Sow tomatoes in pots, if you don't have a greenhouse a warm windowsill is fine

  • This month plant biennials, sweet peas, dahlia tubers and penstemons

  • Remove any yellowing or damaged foliage from plants to prevent disease

  • Hand dig out weeds from your borders before they get out of control then you will only need to hoe occasionally throughout the season

  • Annual seeds can be sown in the open garden now. If you sow them in rows you'll find it easier to thin them, and to tell them apart from weed seedlings. It's a good idea to sow after there's been a good downpour as the moisture in the soil will help the seeds germinate quickly

  • Start to make up your hanging baskets in the greenhouse this month

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